WHO we are


East Harbor Enterprises Inc.
d/b/a AckScrap.com

We come to Nantucket every 4 weeks to sell and deliver hay, grain, bird seed, pet foods, coal, stove pellets, fertilizer, and other items on Wednesday.

We buy metal on Saturday and Sunday and sometimes monday.


Trip Calendar

What we Do

We buy nonferrous metals such as copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, zinc, catalytic convertors. You can check our prices online anytime.

We will take cast iron and heavy steel. Although we would not typically charge if a fair amount, we also would not pay for it.
Currently, light steel is worth so little that there would be a charge to take it away and we will only take heavy and light steel if there is room and time, after buying nonferrous metal.

Pricing Information

How we do it

Metal pick ups are by appointment.
I bring a scale and a checkbook, and weigh your metal at your location.
You are welcome to test the scale and watch me weigh stuff.
I pay by check drawn on Nantucket bank.
They do not charge a fee for cashing a check.