Prices listed in the online price sheet are usually no more than a week old and typically are more current.
You will be paid the day price at the time of pickup and it is rarely more than a penny or two different than the last price list posting.
My price will vary directly with prices listed on for new copper and other metals.
If my posted prices are 2 days old and kitco has gone up 3 cents in the same time,

then my price for #1 copper will be up 3 cents from what I last posted.


These prices are for sorted metals of each grade, less than 44 inches in length.
If your metal is not sorted or longer than 44 inches, you will be paid less
and possibly significantly less depending on how much work is likely needed to process it.
I can sort it for you and do some light processing such as cutting off fittings, but I do charge a per pound fee.
It can be up to 45 cents a pound for pipe and 60 cents per pound for wire. I will let you know beforehand what the rate would be. It would depend mostly on how tangled your pile was.  
If you are very busy, having me process your metal can save you some time and money.
Please let me know ahead of time if I will be sorting your metal as that adds a lot of time to appointments.


Price List


If you want to compare my prices to other yards off island, most do not post their prices online.
Midcity Scrap in Westport, MA does.

Here is the link: